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babytransitEveryone knows that having a stroller for your child is a necessity and you will probably need this piece of baby equipment right from the very beginning of your parenthood until your baby is ready to walk all by themselves.

To some people they think finding one is the hard part. But is it actually the easy part because you have malls, department stores, boutiques and specialty shops everywhere to accommodate your needs of a quality stroller and on top of all of that you have the reliable internet to look into. Right in the comforts of your own home. But the thing you need to remember is that you have to decide what is the type of stroller that you should be getting that will work for you and your baby.

With a ton of different strollers available in the market today, it can be difficult to pick which is the right one for your family. Are you looking for something cheap and lightweight? Or are you going all out on a stylish and sturdy high end model? Do you want an all purpose stroller but still basic? Or are you an active parent looking for the best jogging stroller? Do you have more than one child?

On top of all of that you need to think about where you live, what kind of terrain you are going to be pushing your baby’s stroller on, and of course the budget. If it is going be a lot of urban walks with the baby, then you should consider getting a stroller that is sturdy but not hard to maneuver up and around curbs, also in and out of shops, including narrow passageways and walkways. Basically its broken down to different types of strollers and they are:

Standard sized strollers – comes with different shapes and designs but will always have a padded seat that you can recline and other necessities like a canopy and storage basket under the seat.

Car seat strollers – they are lightweight strollers made from metal and well designed to carry infants into a comfortable spot in your car. You just have to remove it from the car seat and snap it into a stroller frame and you are good to go.

Travel systems – they are also the traditional looking strollers that can also carry infants in car seat. The difference is that it is larger and much heavier than the car strollers and that what makes them much expensive too because you can use it even after your baby outgrows their infant car seat.

Lightweight strollers – they are called lightweight for a reason because they only weight 12 pounds or less and can easily fold up. In turn it is very minimal and have less padding than most strollers.

Jogging strollers – this stroller is built with three bike wheels on a very lightweight but tough frame that will give your baby and the parent a smooth ride even while running or just walking and even hikes through rough terrain in the woods.