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uponamattressIt comes to a point that your good old reliable mattress will breakdown and will need to be replaced. If you are the sentimental type, it can be difficult to let go of something you have been using constantly for years. But you need to consider your health first because you spend a lot of time on your bed and if it is not helping your sleep or body for that matter, then now will be an opportune time to go out and buy a new one and that is probably why you are reading this article. So here are some tips in buying the best possible mattress for you.

First you can look into the internet for some helpful resources. Like what you are reading now. But don’t necessarily sell any mattresses.

Next is you can try and talk to your doctors first before moving forward or perhaps your physical therapist and see what are their recommendations to your current condition. Remember, these doctors are not sleep experts whatsoever, but they do have an idea with what you are experiencing and can give proper advise on what to do next given their expertise. And through that avenue, you will know what they see in their point of view.

Remember that firm mattresses, contrary to popular belief, are not necessarily always good for your back. It is not a universal thing that if it is firm, then it is good. Better think twice, if not thrice before buying a hard mattress or a firm mattress. Research shows that a medium firm mattress, is more often than not, better than firm mattresses. There are two types, firm feel and firm support. Meaning you should be getting the support that you need but not sacrificing the comfort in any way, shape or form. But yet again, comfort just boils down to personal preference and no one can tell you what is comfortable for you.

Pillow tops doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Light folks don’t really need thick pillow top mattresses because they are not heavy enough to put weight on the foam to even put pressure on the underlying coils and supports of the mattress they have. However, it works better for heavier people because the pillow tops will serve as additional cushioning between their backs and the coils inside the mattress.

Beds that can be easily adjusted are a good option. If there is any chance you have tested a recliner at long periods of time and determined that you are more comfortable in that position than in an actual bed, then by all means consider getting yourself an adjustable bed. It will give you the option of elevating your head and knees to relieve unwanted pressure on your back, neck and lower back. If you don’t have a recliner, try this position by improvising with your pillows.

When you are already at a store, do not forget to ask for money back guarantees. If you are eyeing a memory foam mattress but you are not sure if you are going to like or if it is even going to help you sleep, then try to look into Tempurpedic brand’s 30 day money back guarantee. If for some reason you do not like the product on the first 30 days, then send it back and they will be refunding you as part of their guarantee. You can also check on air mattresses. They’re quite popular nowadays.