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contentread bestjuicergalSo you have finally noticed that you are not eating healthy. You are slowly getting out of shape and you are not performing very well from all of the unhealthy stuff you have been eating. Nowadays, juicing has become really popular and there are a lot of people who can attest to how good it is and how effective it is in losing weight and feeling better. But you want to make sure you make the right decision in getting the right juicer just for you. That is probably why you are reading this article. So here are some tips before getting that juicer you need.

Juices from fruits and vegetables are not the same. It may sound too obvious and there is no need to mention it but you might not know that juices from fruits can actually increase the risk of you getting a heart disease. The ingredient Fructose, the primary sugar element found in fruits, is actually being transformed into triglycerides in your liver when you consume it and it promotes the body’s resistance to insulin and that is how it promotes heart disease. On top of that, fruit juices can increase the chances of you getting type 2 diabetes while eating the fruit whole can decrease it. Most of you guys might think that if you get a juicer and just juice apples and oranges to become healthier, well you are in for a rude awakening. You should think about juicing vegetables and if you are not open to that possibility then juicing is not the right option for you if you wish to become healthier.

You still have to eat your vegetables. Never think for one second that juicing is the same as eating your vegetables. In this case yes in reference to the fructose, you will be concentrating all the vitamins and minerals of your vegetables in one cup of juice but on the other hand you will also be losing most of the fiber content of the vegetable that will slow your digestion and gives you the feeling of being full. The rate of how you digest food and the satisfaction you get after you eat is also as important.

Juicing can stop your weight loss because you still need to remember that you are concentrating vitamins and minerals from the fruit or vegetables you juice but that also makes it easy for you to absorb calories that can stop your progress in losing weight. Better watch your portions

There will be a lot of shopping involved. You might already know that juicing will take large amounts of vegetables and fruits and turn them into small amounts of juice. So in turn, you will end up buying a lot of fruits and vegetables for your regular intake.

You will be spending some money on this because juicers aren’t cheap no all of your grocery runs for fruits and vegetables. Think about it as a side project and not a necessity in losing weight. If budget is an issue, then look for another outlet to improve your lifestyle.